Basic Tips for your secure Trip to Bangkok Nightlife

Here we collect the basic information you will need to spend a great time in Bangkok without getting in trouble. If there is anything you miss here or you have a feedback, please leave a comment. 

Mobile Internet in Bangkok

Bangkok Thailand Mobile Phone Sim Card with Internet
Mobile Phone Card Thailand

If you arrive in Bangkok, it is easy to get a Sim Card with a Thailand phone number and flatrate access to the internet. There are shops directly in the airport building and you not even need a passport for that. The price is around 300 THB for one week up to 600 THB for one month. more

Transportation in Bangkok

Bangkok is a big city with a lot of traffic jam all around the day, so you should also use metro or the sky train to get at least near to the place you like, than you have a choice to use the "Tuk-Tuks", taxi or the motorbike shuttle. more

Road Adress System in Bangkok

It is not easy to find a adress only form the information in the internet, because they don`t have a good systems with building numbers and so on. But on the other side, there is a very intersting system with names of the small street related to the main street. more

Best Area to Stay in Bangkok to have Girls Fun

Bangkok is a big city, but if you go there to have fun with girls, you should book your hotel in the right area. We recommend to stay between the redlight areas Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza. Than you will have all "must visit" locations in walking distance and same time walking distance to the Metro and Skytrain Stations. more

Bum-Bum in Bangkok

You should know, that girls or mamas in Bangkok normally not talk about having sex, they all the time will talk about "bum-bum" with the girl. So if a girl ask you for bum-bum, she will offer what you expect.

Barfine a Sexy Girl in Bangkok

Bangkok Barfine sexy girls in Clubs or bars

Nearly all bars, clubs or massage places will offer a service, called "barfine" a girl. The meaning is, you can take out the girl for a short sex session or for overnight, but if you do so, you have to pay a fine to the bar to compensate, that they earn no money with that girl any more. more

Take a Girl Shorttime or Longtime

Every time you negotiate with a girl for "special service" outside, she will have a rate for "shorttime" and one for "longtime". Shorttime means one time sex and should be not much more than one hour, longtime means overnight and a second shot in the morning. more

Shorttime Hotels in Bangkok

There is no need to worry where you can enjoy the time with your girl. If you only barfine a girl for short time, there are several options for a short time hotel booking (around one hour) for 350 THB to 600 THB all around the redlight areas in Bangkok. more

Girls Rate for Sex in Bangkok

There are different kind of components and girls you can take out and have fun with them, so there is a wide range. It will start with around 1500 THB up to 8000 THB for a session including barfine, girlsfee, short time hotel and so on. more

Getting better Girls Service

A lot of the girls you can take out in the city still wait for a boyfriend or at least a suggardaddy who can support their life. So if you want to rise up the quality of the service and lower down the price, than better don`t tell the girl you are only here for 3 days sex holiday. If you pretend to life here now, could be they will try much harder to make you happy. 

Girlfriendly Hotels in Bangkok

There are many hotels around the redlight areas in Bangkok and most of them are girlfriendly, so there will be no problem to bring a girl to your room, but some will charge for it, others will help you to stay more secure, so if you like to take a girl to your hotel, better check before you book your hotel. more

Cheating Activities and Ripp-Off in Bangkok

There are many ways how people in Bangkok will cheat you to get more money. Starts with the shop or restaurant, where you will be overpaid, also the taxi driver often will try to charge much more, but there are also rippoff-places, where they will really bring away a lot of your money, so better check out our warnings before you travel to Bangkok. more

If you have any further general question or you have a feedback or an advice for us, please leave a comment here: 

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Best Erotic Shows: 

Billboard (Nana 2nd Floor) 

Angelwitch (Nana 1th Floor)

Spanky's (Nana 1th Floor)

Best Topless Gogo Bars: 

Erotica (Nana)

Best Freelancer Pickup

Thermae (Near Nana)

Beer Garden (Near Nana)

Best Blowjob Bar

Som`s Heaven (Near Nana)

Approximate Table:

THB US $ Euro €
100 2,79 $ 2,50 €
150 4,18 $ 3,75 €
200 5,57 $ 4,99 €
300 8,36 $ 7,49 €
400 11,14 $ 9,99 €
500 13,93 $ 12,49 €
1000 27,85 $ 24,98 €
1500 41,78 $ 37,46 €
2000 55,71 $ 49,95 €
3000 83,56 $ 74,93 €

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