Cheatings and Rip-Offs in Bangkok

Bangkok is a safe city, so there is not really a need to worry, but there are still a lot of ways how people will try to get your money. It will never be a really big deal, but could be you will loose some thousand Bath by that while you are here, so better follow our recommendations and save that money for having fun with a sexy girl instead of waste it for cheaters. 

The Taxi Cheaters

Bangkok taxi in redlight area with Meter Light
Bangkok taxi with Meter Light

If you walk around in Bangkok, there will be taxis everywhere, so no problem to get one. Normally they should use a taxi meter and they will be cheap, shlrt distance not more than 20 THB to 50 THB, longer not more than some hundreds, but very often they will not agree to switch on their meter and they want to negotiate a price with you. That price will be around 2 to 4 times higher than the normal transportation fee, so better not agree. Just try to find another taxi, there are plenty around. 

Tip: Better stop a taxi passing by on the street instead take the one waiting there already, because the taxi drivers who wait in front of the clubs or venues most time exactly the guys who will not switch on the meter. 

The Location Cheaters

It doesn`t matter, which kind of transportation you use (taxi, tuk-tuk or motorbike), there is not a 100% guarantee they will bring you to the right destination, if you try to find a "nightlife" venue. Some Locations like Clubs, Sauna or Massage Parlors will pay a high tip to a driver who bring customers (that is why you can see them often showing girls pictures around and advertise for a massage club). Some of that venues will pay up to 500 THB for the the driver who bring you there (but finally you will have to pay that with a "add-on" fee). So if you tell them for example you want to go to Dr. BJ Shop, could be they will bring you to a totally different place and they hope you will not realize it and they can get the commission. 

Tip: Better show them one of our location cards you can download here, so he can read the adress in thai, but not discuss where you want to go. Better only mention the street crossing, not the venue you want to go. 

The Drug Cheaters

If someone want to sell drugs to you on the street, be carefull! Sometimes they work together with some (corrupt) police guys, so some minutes later you will be catched by the police. Than you can decide if you want to go to jail or if you want to pay some "fee" to the police, but this fee very fast can reach 50 000 THB or more. 

Tip: Every kind of drugs are forbidden in Thailand, so better avoid to buy it or cary it with you. There are places in the world where you have much more fun with drugs and much less risk. Bangkok is definitly the wrong place for it!

The Underage Cheaters

If you meet a young looking girl on the street, could be you both agree to stay together with her, and soon you will be catched by some (corrupt) policemen and the story will be the same than with the drugs. Underage prostitution is a serious crime, and if you have to chooce prison or payoff the police guys, better pay (a lot) and book it as a lession. 

Tip: If a girl look too young, better check her passport. If you take her out of the bar, it is lower risk, because the bars will not risk to barfine underage girls. On the street or in a pickup bar, the risk will be higher, so better doublecheck, if you doubt. The girls all the time will carry their passport, because they need to deposit it in the most hotels, before they can enter a guest room, so if she say she don`t have, you can be 100% sure she is too young for a safe session!

The Knockout-Cheater

It will happen sometimes, that you go home with a girl and she will put some drugs in your drink. While you are knocked out, she will take everything she can use or sell, and you can imagine, it is not so funny to wake up alone without phone and money. 

Tip: Better book a hotel, where they will take the ID card of the girl, so that the hotel can help you to call police and find the girl. More about hotels like that you can find here: Bangkok Girlfriendly Hotels

The Pickpocketing in Bangkok

On the street there is not a big risk to get pickpocket, but in crowdy places better make sure your money is not easy to steal. But the risk rise up, if you take a girl to your hotel, especially while you shower or sleep, you can not be sure what she is doing. 

Tip: Better book short time instead of overnight (more about that), than more easy to make sure she left with the same things she should leave.

Tip: If you think about a threesome, better use a short time hotel (for example in Nana Plaza). Because you can never have your eyes on both girls at the same time, so easy for one to steal something like you are busy with the other one. 

Tip: Book a hotel where they keep the ID Card of the girl, so at least there is a chance to find her later: more

Additional Girls Cost after Takeout

It is not directly a cheating, but it can waste you also some thousand bath, if you are not carefull. If you take out a girl, you will walk to the hotel with her. Perhaps she want to have another drink in a bar or in one of the cocktail bars on the street. Here they know you can not complain without loosing your face to the girl, so they will charge sometimes 150 for a drink, so better try to take her to your hotel directly. 

Tip: There are a lot of stores everywhere, so buy some drinks when you arrive, so that you can tell the girl you want to drink with her in the hotel. 

Coyote and Gogo Girls in Bangkok

It is not really a cheating, but it could be one, if you like to take out a girl and did not realize you spend your money with a gogo girl. A lot of Bars (expecially in Soi Cowboy) start to hire young sexy girls as Coyote Girls, who will attract customers to go in the bar, drink with the customers (who are looking forward to take them out later), but when it comes to the "barfine" discussion, they will get told, the girl is not a gogo, she is a coyote, so the barfine of 600 THB is not for her, she will be barfined for 4000 THB or even no chance for that. more  

Tip: If you plan to "barfine" the girl later, better check out if they have also Coyote girls, and if you are not sure, better ask before you waste your budget for unnecessary ladydrinks. 

If you have any experience with cheating or a ripp-off, feel free to share your experience and warnings here for our visitors: 

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    virender kashyap (Wednesday, 03 August 2016 05:30)

    yes i have one more experience of cheating, do not go with any girl on her scooty or bike for sex or massage in very cheap price offer,
    they will drive to out of city, where her team will be already waiting for you, this happened with my friend, and he was looted.

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