Bangkok Ladyboys

In the redlight districts in Bangkok you will find a lot of Ladyboys. Some work there as "Mamas" in different Clubs and Bars, but most of the younger ones will work as prostitutes in Gogos or on the street. 

Why so many Ladyboys in Bangkok`s Redlight Areas?

There are several reasons why you find so many here: 

  • Even the "third gender" is accepted in Thailand, it is sometimes hard for a ladyboy to find normal job, but no problem to find good jobs in the redlight business
  • Bangkok has a lot of tourists who only come for the "ladyboy-experience", so here it is easy to find customers.
  • A operation from a pre- to a postoperated ladyboy is expensive and in the redlight area they can make enough money in a short time for that. 

Gogo Bars with Ladyboys in Bangkok

Obsession Gogo Bar with pre operated Ladyboys (Nana)

Also on the ground floor of Nana Plaza you can visit the Obsession Gogo Bar. Here you will find pre-operated Ladyboys, and they are not so pushy, so good for newbies in that entertainment. 

Casanova Club with pre operated Ladyboys (Nana)

Casanova Ladyboy Bar in Bangkok Nana Plaza

The Casanova on the 1th floor of Nana Plaza is famous for their preoperated ladyboys, but they will try hard to bring you in their bar, if you pass by, so better be prepaired.  

Temptation Club with pre operated Ladyboys (Nana)

Temptation Ladyboys Bangkok Nana Plaza Gogo Bar

On the first floor on Nana Plaza you will also find the Temptation Club with a big selection of preoperated ladyboys. It is said, you can find the most prettiest ones there, so try it out if you into that. 

Cascade with post operated Ladyboys (Nana)

The last, but not least ladyboy Gogo Bar in Nana Plaza is the Cascade on the back side of the 2nd Floor in Nana. They are famous for young postoperated girls, so could be a good place for newbies. 

(closed) Voodoo Bar with young post operated Ladyboys

Voodoo Bar Bangkok Ladyboys

On the ground floor in Nana Plaza on the left side you will find the Voodoo Gogo Bar. It provided the prettiest post operated Ladyboys (if you like the slim petite "Girlie-Style"). All available for take out, but not all go out with westerner.

Ladyboys working on the street in Bangkok

There are some places where you can find nearly only ladyboys working on the street as prostitutes and try to find customers. It is in the Sukhumvit Road in front of the Sofitel hotel on the way to the Thermae Club (this is the best pickup club in town and ladyboys are not allowed to go inside, so they wait in front. 

How to know who is a Ladyboy?

Sometimes it is really a hard task to find out, if a girl is a ladyboy or not. For example in the Voodoo Gogo, the most girls (or ladyboys) will not even give you a idea about that. But here are some signs can help you to figure out for at least the most ladyboys: 

  • Some ladyboys are very tall (175 to 185 cm) and with shoe size of 44 or higher. Normal thaigirls are shorter and have smaller feets.
  • Some ladyboys, even they train their voice, will still talk in a much lower voice than "real" girls.
  • A lot of ladyboys will use exaggerated feminine gestures, so if she move her body like a typical gay in a movie, than be carefull
  • Most ladyboys will be dressed much more open and sexy than normal girls. 
  • Check the hands. Girls normally have smaller hands and feeds than boys. 
  • Check the Adam`s Apple, it should not be visible like a men`s one (but there is also a operation to change that). 
  • Best sign is the elbow, men`s one is more "square" than female ones. 

Tip: If you take out a girl (and not sure if it is a ladyboy), than don`t pay before she (or he) get naked. Prepay is normal in Bangkok, but Ladyboys will not undress before payment, because than they still can tell you it`s your problem that you did not identify them and so they can go out with your money. Insist to get her (or him) naked before payment, than you can not avoid the experience to take him home, but at least you can avoid to waste money for that. 

If you have some experience, information or feedback you want to share with us, feel free to leave a comment here: 

Comments: 9
  • #9

    sajee (Thursday, 15 June 2017 08:15)

    hell o

  • #8

    Jozef (Thursday, 25 August 2016 08:41)

    I was there and this is my result of vacation

  • #7

    Sean (Tuesday, 31 March 2015 05:13)

    Your post is not strictly accurate. There are 100 ladyboys working in Cascades (now called Charades) and the majority of them are pre-op. There are some post-op ladyboys working there but they are in a minority.

  • #6

    Kalvin (Tuesday, 17 March 2015 10:13)

    I also recommend the King Corner III bar at Patpong Market. The ladyboy are very sexy and open mind.

  • #5

    Nelly (Sunday, 01 February 2015 12:13)

    I went to cascade met beautiful ladyboy called Leo. Sha was supper sweet with me since I was a first timer. The experience was worth anything. I rented a room short time right there next to Cascade, we took shower together and then she made love to me and it was...wonderful!....all for 2300bth. I will certainly return before leaving Bangkok.

  • #4

    George (Monday, 26 January 2015 11:46)

    The above ladyboy bars are ok ,,, but i personally much prefer to go to Check-In Bar. Its located just off sukhumvit in Soi 7 . Much more relaxed atmosphere & lots of honeys there too . Discrete location is also a plus .

  • #3

    Igor (Monday, 25 August 2014 16:49)

    The easiest way to find it out - just TO ASK directly: "Are you ladyboy?" I have always got the truly answer, often with a laughter but always the truth.

  • #2

    moe (Saturday, 02 August 2014 04:29)

    How can I meet or find a pre op beautiful ladyboys in Bangkok area for adult fun to my hotel room?

  • #1

    Kam (Thursday, 05 June 2014 14:49)

    No post-ops in cascades. They are all pre-ops there, many silicon free too.

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