Beer Garden Sukhumvit Pickup Bar Bangkok

Beer Garden Sukhumvit Pickup Bar Bangkok
Sukhumvit Bangkok Beer Garden Pickup

The German Beer Garden near Nana Plaza is the perfect place to pick up girls, if you don´t want to wait till 10 pm or 11 pm when the girls will show up in Thermae nearby. And it is also a place not only for pickup, but also enjoy a drink in a relaxed athmosphere. The girl there are not pushy and they don`t have any employeed girls who will force you to buy drinks and so on, so no need to be worried about cheating. You can start there with a german and swiss styled breakfast, also lunch and afternoon coffee will be service. The staff is friendly and the Beer Garden in Bangkok is always worth a visit, even you are not there to pick up a girl. In daytime they will play good CD Music, at around 20 pm the liveband will start to perform on stage. In daytime you have a good chance to find parttime girls, who want to make some extra money in daytime, when they have a day off from work, so also worth a visit. 


15 Sukhumvit Soi 7

ซอย 7 สุขุมวิท 15 ถนนสุขุมวิท 

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Opening hours: 

10:00 am to 02:00 am

Drink and Girls Rates:

Entry Fee: Free

Drinks and Beers: normal prices, beer 70 THB

Barfine: no barfine (what is Barfine?)

Short time girls fee: 1500 THB to 2000 THB

Long time girls free: 2500 THB to 5000 THB

Bar Type: 

Pickup Restaurant and Bar

Bangkok Nightlife Guide Gogo Club Rating (how we rate)

Girls Quality: 7 of 10

Enviroment: 8 of 10

Price: 3 of 10

Nightlife Guide recommendation: 

It is a great place to find girls, because the restaurant is not only a "shopping mall" for girls like "The Themae", but also a good restaurant and a great place for having food or just have a drink and for find a girl in daytime, before the Redlight areas will open. 

Bangkok Nightlife Guide checked: February 2015

If you are in the area of the Nana Entertainment Plaza in Bangkok, don`t miss the change to have a look to the Beer Garden nearby, and please also don`t miss to leave a review here: 

Comments: 10
  • #10

    Junooni (Friday, 13 January 2017 01:22)

    I was at the Beer Garden several times during my 2 week stay, although I only picked up a girl once. It does have a relaxed vibe and the food was reasonably good too. The girl quality is not on par with Thermae but if you want to wade into the waters slowly, start here. Some girls can be pushy but you can tell them you are not interested. For those that you are, buy them a beer, treat them respectfully and you will probably get a good rate too. One girl came over and said she likes me, we had beers and ended up going back with her for 1500 baht for around 6 hours. I gave her 2000 and she even gave me her line id. Just don't stereotype the girls there, quite a few are very nice.

  • #9

    Frank (Thursday, 26 November 2015 18:21)

    The beer coast 100 or more...what ever you like...
    I have ask different girls for the prices...a lot of costumers...the most of asia countrys, was inside..i was there nearly 11:00 pm...
    50 % of the girls dont speak english...
    The prises for ST start 2.500 Baht...LT was by all the girls where I ask 5.000 up...maybe you interesting for not good lookink girls or older ones, than could be the prices would be better...
    Sorry for my english...

  • #8

    Falcon (Sunday, 01 November 2015 10:42)

    I have just returned from Beer Garden.

    Several updates to the information presented above:

    a. A SingHa beer costs 105 Baht (close to 3 USD). This was around 11 PM, so I may have missed the happy hour

    b. Working ladies were quite pushy, I did not get the relaxed vibe.

    c. Got back to the hotel with one of them, tiny petite Isaan girl. Very cute, absent English. Quoted me 1,500 Baht for 2 hours, ended up with 1,000 Baht upon painful negotiations (painful because I had to use the calculator app on my phone to haggle, very bazaar-like). I did everything protected, so I don't know about CIM, COF, COB, etc, but I suppose that is possible.


  • #7

    CT (Thursday, 23 April 2015 11:50)

    Google map said it is closed

  • #6

    krish (Tuesday, 21 April 2015 10:57)

    Kindly send me your address & direction in Thai.I would like to visit

  • #5

    krish (Monday, 16 March 2015 15:10)

    want to a pick up GF

  • #4

    Rich (Thursday, 25 December 2014 01:15)

    The map makes it look like it's on the wrong side of the street and farther in than it is. FYI It's on your left walking in, about halfway down. But you can't really miss it.

  • #3

    Big Al (Tuesday, 18 November 2014 06:15)

    Very good Bar,safe place to drink with friends or Alone as many non pushy Lady's there and most speak very good English..I live in Bangkok and drink In the Beer Garden once or twice a week...Good music and your not get ripped off ..I love the beer garden.

  • #2

    G (Monday, 17 March 2014 04:25)

    Had a great time Friday night 3/14 for my tatse ione of the better places to hang out

    Had a lot of fun with a nice girl didnt even ask for money only ebough for tuk tuk home

    Paid her anyway good place food is decent too

  • #1

    Bob (Monday, 27 January 2014 17:23)

    I was there a year ago after I read Bee Garden reviews. Came early, about midday. There were few freelancers already. The nearest to me caught my eye and I sat next to her. After a drink and chat she quoted 1,000 short time (I think that was the day time price). Took her to my hotel nearby and after we were done she went back to BG.
    I popped into the bar later that day, around 7 pm, and saw her there again. We chatted like friends now. Even though I liked her and sex was good, I wanted something different as Bangkok gives you so many options. I honestly told her that and she was fine with it. I even asked her advise about one of the girls as she've been a regular in the bar for years and new many of them.
    When I approached that girl she quoted me 2,000 ST, which I wasn't prepared to pay, well not for her anyway. So I kissed my lady friend good bye and left to continue mongerind with the whole night ahead.
    To sum up my experience, it is a lovely place to come and have a drink, relax and have a look around. It makes the place more valuable that it's open early when others are closed yet. And looks like the girls there have their happy hours with discounted prices in the day time.
    I'm definitely planning to visit Beer Garden on my next trip.

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