Angelwitch Gogo Bar Nana Plaza Bangkok

Angelwitch Nana Center Gogo Bar in Bangkok
Sexy Angelwitch Girl in Nana Plaza

Angelwitch in Bangkok is also one of the most popular bars you can visit in Bangkok, and definitly a spot you should not miss. It is a medium sized bar on the first floor with a medium sized center space. Around the stage there are two rows of sofa places on the right side and 3 on the left side. The waiter will dressed in black jeans and black angelwith polo shirts, not attractive at all. The girls for selection will wear black stockings, black high heels or overknee boots (click on the picture to enlarge it, than you can see a typical Gogo outfit). The girls selection will last around 20 minutes between the shows, the girls also will get topless in selection and they have very pretty girls, so often the girls are picked out already, if you are too late, so if you like to take out a sexy angel from Angelwitch, better don`t go there too late. In the dance shows, you will be able to see professional choreograpy with one to 5 girls, most time they will get totally nude at the end. They have very pretty dancing girls, but not all of them are available for barfine. You should not miss to see their oil massage show or the most professional lapdance show on stage you can find in Bangkok. 


You can find the Bar at the left side of the first floor in Nana Plaza

Opening hours: 

08:00 pm to 02:00 am

Drink and Girls Rates:

Beer 150 THB

Softdrinks 130 THB

Ladydrinks 150 THB

Barfine: 600 THB (what is Barfine?)

Short time girls fee: 1500 THB to 2000 THB

Long time girls free: 2500 THB to 5000 THB

Gogo Bar Type: 

Gogo Show, also Pickup Selection

Bangkok Nightlife Guide Gogo Club Rating (how we rate)

Girls Quality: 7 of 10

Enviroment: 5 of 10

Show: 9 of 10

Price: 3 of 10

Nightlife Guide recommendation: 

Definitly a place you should not miss to visit on your Bangkok trip. The show is great, the drink rates are low and the girls quality is high. One of the best Gogo Show Bars we found in Bangkok. 

Bangkok Nightlife Guide checked: February 2015

Don`t miss to visit the Angelwitch Gogo in Nana Plaza in Bangkok and also please share your impressions in a review with us: 

Comments: 10
  • #10

    Felicity (Saturday, 06 May 2017 07:56)

    My boyfriend and I were looking for some fun in thai bars and we tried soi cowboy and pat pong. Didn't enjoy much in soi cowboy as there were just too much naked bodies and nothing much to see. Pat pong was just too scary with all the touting. We decided to travel a bit more to check out Nana Plaza and our search on Google led us to this website, so we went and check out AngelWitch. To our surprise, it is such an awesome bar. You have to buy a drink each to enter the bar which is about 150baht and a ladydrink is 175baht (a tequila shot). Yes, they do have choreographed shows on stage which is really fun to watch. The show starts 10pm. So if you just want to be boring and have your drink and just watch the show, it's fine, the waitress doesn't disturb you. But we decided to have a bit more fun by tipping the waitress and getting ladydrinks for a girl. Don't think that they will entertain you more by getting a bottle of hard liqour and share it with the girls, coz they only earn from getting customers to buy them ladydrink or JD coke. I believe they are there to earn a living, and 175baht to have them party alongside you, is really worth it. A smart tip if you want some VIP treatment, tip the waitress and the DJ more. You get a good server near you at all times and DJ is always asking you if the songs he play is alright with you. Oh.. And when you're treated as a VIP, get prepared to be dragged onto the stage to join in their performance. It's all safe and fun and was really a good experience. A note on common sense, staffs of the club are there to earn a living and they are very happy with tips, it is natural that they give you better service when you tip them but do have fun with them and most of all, respect the girls! Good tips are just about 100baht. Had an awesome time, lots of fun memories, will definitely recommend this bar to other people who wants to explore Bangkok nightlife.

  • #9

    guy (Sunday, 30 October 2016 04:37)

    saw a true stunner in here last time, great bar

  • #8

    Simon (Monday, 16 November 2015 13:16)

    I was bar fined TWICE by this place. Called a girl over, agreed to take her out. The waiter then asks for the price of all the drinks plus the fine which i paid. As im waiting for the girl to get changed into street wear this big thai lady comes over and says pay bar fine. I pointed to the waiter and explained i already had. To which both of them start yammering in Thai at me until i had to pay a second bar fine. I know its my own fault for doing so but its just to warn others out there. My guess is thats a common ploy with people (like me) who dont know any better.

  • #7

    Joseph (Sunday, 12 April 2015 07:53)

    You are totally right Mal about Ange lwitch Gogo in Nana. As far I saw the agression to the costumer at Angelwitch Gogo in Nana last weekend I believe that the male staff of that bar really hate the clients, farangs or foreigners cause that guy didnt do anything and they hit him, kicked him and punched him a lot. Perhaps these guys of the bar control some girls and they love the money they get from them but also hate foreigners bringing the girls to their hotels, a place they will never put a feet. I have noticed this in few bars but in Angel witch Gogo in Nana I believe foreigners have to be careful with these kind of "persons" who work there. By tthe way if the person who was attacked by the staff read this and want to sue the bar, my friend recorded with his mobile a bit of the brutal agression so he can give to him if he needs to close this bar. I am so sorry for him.

  • #6

    Mal (Tuesday, 07 April 2015 15:24)

    Further to the comment from Joseph below, I was outside Angel Witch and witnessed the vicious attack on this guy who'd just left the bar. He had a heated argument with a woman from the bar (which must have been the manager). Even though one of the male staff from Angel Witch punched this guy in the face, he did not fight back but just wanted to leave. As he was walking away the guy from the bar hit him again from behind and knocked him to the ground. This guy then repeatedly kicked the guy while he was on the ground. This really was quite a vicious attack. While I don't know want went on inside the bar with this guy, the manner in which the staff attacked him was really excessive and is the type of aggressive behaviour which needs to be stopped. I too would not visit this bar again.

  • #5

    Joseph (Monday, 06 April 2015 06:05)

    Last saturday 4th of April I was at Angel Witch a go go, as a costumer and I saw another costumer ordering the bill to leave. I was witness of how the staff intended to charge him many drinks of the person who was next to him and the fee to bring outside a girl. He was alone without any girl so he informed them that he was going to pay just his constumption, no more no less. I saw he had a verbal discussion in english with the woman who is the manager of Angel Witch and he told her he went to call the tourist police to solve it. When he went outside to make the call this woman ordered her guard, the person who is at the entrance, to punch and kick him in order to avoid the call to the police.They kicked and punched him several times at the entrance of the bar. There was blood everywhere on the floor when I left. This mafia behavour has to be eliminated from Nana cause they used violence with a costumer just because he refused to pay a overcharged bill. that belonged to other person that had left the bar already. I know that probably the victim was a tourist that he will not visit Nana again but my advice to him is to sue the bar and my advice to other travellers is not to visit this place. I live in Thaland and I feel ashame of this behavour from specific low profile staff working at night. Nana or Soi Cowboy is full of nice places and we do not need to feed this petty criminals. I was a regular there and I will not visit thar bar again in my life.

  • #4

    dk (Monday, 02 February 2015 10:13)

    Agree completely with K1... only I walked out after 30 minutes. And I found girl quality 5/10. All in all, disappointing...

  • #3

    K1 (Sunday, 11 January 2015 17:07)

    Was there for around 45 mins. All I saw was them girls on the stage shaking their bodies a bit. There were none dance showsshows. Many other patrons left with an unsatisfied look after finishing their drink.

  • #2

    TONY (Monday, 01 December 2014 21:16)

    worth the visit. its not expensive and if you think a 5 $ beer is too much you should stay home.

  • #1

    ad (Thursday, 23 October 2014 16:41)

    how area sex nanaplaza

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