Erotica Gogo Bar in Nana Plaza Bangkok

Erotica Gogo Bar in Bangkok Nana Plaza
Bangkok Erotica Gogo Bar Entry

The Erotica Gogo Bar is located between first and second floor in the stairway area on the left side. It is a small bar with a centerstage and 2 rows of sofa seats around. The decoration is different to most other bars, because red style seems the mainstream, but Erotica choosed blue decoration. The staff is friendly and the girls not too pushy. The girls on the stage are normally topless with black high heel shoes, sometimes with sexy french maid cosplay dresses. Off-stage, they will add a skirt, but still keep topless. They will have around 25 girls all together and not a bad selection. 


You can find the Bar at the left side between first and second floor in the stairway of Nana Plaza

Opening hours: 

08:00 pm to 02:00 am

Drink and Girls Rates:

Beer 155 THB

Softdrinks 130 THB

Ladydrinks 150 THB

Barfine: 600 THB (what is Barfine?)

Short time girls fee: 1500 THB to 2000 THB

Long time girls free: 2500 THB to 5000 THB

Gogo Bar Type: 

Only pickup, no show

Bangkok Nightlife Guide Gogo Club Rating (how we rate)

Girls Quality: 7 of 10

Enviroment: 7 of 10

Show: 3 of 10

Price: 4 of 10

Nightlife Guide recommendation: 

All together not a bad place for pickup, the girls selection is good and the girls are topless, so worth a visit. 

Bangkok Nightlife Guide checked: February 2015

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Comments: 4
  • #4

    Pete (Saturday, 18 August 2018 05:34)

    this was the best bar I went to in Bangkok, the girls are gorgeous, friendly and funny and the rest of staff are great too

  • #3

    Kevin 2 (Thursday, 03 July 2014 14:51)

    Excellent place to spend a couple of hours... great company and fun

  • #2

    kevin (Saturday, 08 February 2014 04:21)

    A fantastic selection of stunning, young, slim, and for the most part silicone free friendly girls. Not pushy at all. For me music was too loud which made it hard to have any sort of conversation, but this was a great excuse to head back to my hotel with a real cutie.

  • #1

    rory (Sunday, 26 January 2014 04:54)

    Nice friendly bar it was much better when the girls wore mini skirts with no knickers. And the pool table has been takes away which is a blow.

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Approximate Table:

THB US $ Euro €
100 2,79 $ 2,50 €
150 4,18 $ 3,75 €
200 5,57 $ 4,99 €
300 8,36 $ 7,49 €
400 11,14 $ 9,99 €
500 13,93 $ 12,49 €
1000 27,85 $ 24,98 €
1500 41,78 $ 37,46 €
2000 55,71 $ 49,95 €
3000 83,56 $ 74,93 €

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