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Lollipop Gogo Bar in Nana Plaza Bangkok (1th floor)

Gogo Bar in Bangkok

The Lollipop A-Gogo Bar in Nana Bangkok is one of the well known medium sized Gogo-Bars in this area, but not one of the best. They will have around 10 girls on the stage and change the shift every 10 to 20 minutes. Around the stage you have 2 rows of seats, but even that, in weekendtime the club is often overcrowded, because first it is directly at the entry, second it is very well known. The girls will wear string bikinis with high heels when they are on the stage (with numbers on it, so easy to tell the mama who you want to pick out). When they leave the stage, they will put on a skirt or pant, but still will wear the bikini top. The waiters are dressed in red Lollipop Polos and black pants or skirts, but they are definitly not attractive. In that bar they also play the pingpong-tip game, so that means you can buy 5 balls (100 THB) and trow it to the girls. They will try to catch it, because they get a tip for every ball they bring down later (not worth the invest, boring game). 

Drink and Girls Rates:

Beer 150 THB

Softdrinks 130 THB

Ladydrinks 150 THB

Barfine: 700 THB (what is Barfine?)

Short time girls fee: 1500 THB to 2000 THB

Long time girls free: 2500 THB to 5000 THB


Left side of the entry to the Nana Plaza on the ground floor. 

Opening hours: 

08:00 pm to 02:00 am

Gogo Bar Type: 

Only pickup, no show

Bangkok Nightlife Guide Gogo Club Rating (how we rate)

Girls Quality: 5 of 10

Enviroment: 5 of 10

Show: 1 of 10

Price: 6 of 10

Nightlife Guide recommendation: 

Not a bar we would recommend to visit. The girls selection quality is not so good, the athmosphere is nothing special, but often too crowdy. There are much better Gogo Clubs in that Nana Plaza, so no need to waste your time there!

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Bangkok Nightlife Guide checked: August 2014

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    brett (Monday, 13 October 2014 11:16)

    nina or benjalux Dempsey is trouble

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Approximate Table:

THB US $ Euro €
100 2,79 $ 2,50 €
150 4,18 $ 3,75 €
200 5,57 $ 4,99 €
300 8,36 $ 7,49 €
400 11,14 $ 9,99 €
500 13,93 $ 12,49 €
1000 27,85 $ 24,98 €
1500 41,78 $ 37,46 €
2000 55,71 $ 49,95 €
3000 83,56 $ 74,93 €

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