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Gogo Bar Bangkok Nana Plaza Mandarin 1
Stage Mandarin 1 Nana Plaza Bangkok

The layout of the small sized Mandarin 1 Gogo Bar is a little bit different to the other ones in Nana Plaza. They don`t work with a big center area, where all the girls will dance. Indeed the Mandarin has a stage in the center, but also four large granite tables around the bar, so the girls are seperated to the different tables and every time at least one girl will dance directly at the table where you take a seat. They will go down, open the legs and dance especially for you, more like the typical american table dance bar. The girls will wear golden high heels, tiger colored or black bikinis and there should be around 5 to 8 girls in the bar. Not a big selection, but some girls are not bad at all. 


You can find the Bar at the right side on the first floor in Nana Plaza

Opening hours: 

08:00 pm to 02:00 am

Drink and Girls Rates:

Beer 145 THB

Softdrinks 125 THB

Ladydrinks 170 THB or Tequila 180 THB

Barfine: 600 THB (what is Barfine?)

Short time girls fee: 1500 THB to 2000 THB

Long time girls free: 2500 THB to 5000 THB

Gogo Bar Type: 

Only pickup, no show

Bangkok Nightlife Guide Gogo Club Rating (how we rate)

Girls Quality: 5 of 10

Enviroment: 7 of 10

Show: 4 of 10

Price: 3 of 10

Nightlife Guide recommendation: 

The Mandarin 1 Gogo Bar in Nana Plaza don`t have a big girls selection and also they don`t provide any show, so the only reason to go there will be, to see the girl dance on your table only for you. That`s special for Bangkok, so if you like it, than go there. 

Bangkok Nightlife Guide checked: February 2015

If you find time to try out the Mandarin 1 Gogo Club in Bangkok Nana Plaza, please don`t forget to leave a review here.

Thanks and enjoy Bangkok!

Comments: 1
  • #1

    Andy (Tuesday, 07 March 2017 05:00)

    This place is complete rubbish, and as a frequent business traveller to bangkok, I warn all my friends and colleagues to stay away from Mandarin. Want to know why I think so? 1. The mamasan keeps begging for drinks starting from before I even sit down. The mamasan keeps pushing for a bar fine, when I want to sit and have a drink, watch the girls before making a decision. Girl (Aun) promised to "look after" me, with bbbj, shower together, full service/2hrs agreed on in the bar. On arriving at my hotel, she insisted on showering alone (and locked the bathroom door from inside to make sure I stayed out), no bbbj, the attempt at sex was pitiful, and did a runner after 10 minutes (that's 10 minutes including her shower!!) !! And then had the gall to ask for more taxi money back to nana plaza (my condo is 2 minutes by taxi from nana plaza - already got gouged for 3.2k + drinks - for less than 10 minutes of pitiful service !!). And to add to the insult, she pinched several bags of my snack foods on her way out!! ... Honestly, after over 40 trips to bangkok over the last 15+ years (3 trips so far this year), the experience I had with mandarin agogo was the worst ever, anywhere. Worse than any freelancers I've picked up from thermae, worse than sideliners with no english, worse than any other gogo bar in thailand .... in fact, any freelancer off the street would give better service, no doubt !!

    I even asked Aun why she was in such a hurry to leave, and she told me she wanted to head back to the bar !! If the owners ever read this, I visited on 13/Feb 2017.

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Approximate Table:

THB US $ Euro €
100 2,79 $ 2,50 €
150 4,18 $ 3,75 €
200 5,57 $ 4,99 €
300 8,36 $ 7,49 €
400 11,14 $ 9,99 €
500 13,93 $ 12,49 €
1000 27,85 $ 24,98 €
1500 41,78 $ 37,46 €
2000 55,71 $ 49,95 €
3000 83,56 $ 74,93 €

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