Bangkok Nana Entertainment Plaza - Redlight Area

Opening hours: 7 days a week 8 pm to 2 am

Nana Bangkok Redlight Entry Area
Entry of Nana Plaza Bangkok

The Nana Plaza is the best place, if you are in Bangkok to have fun with a sexy thai girl. There are several clubs and bars, where it is easy to pick one up for short- or longtime. The barfine here is also reasonable with 600 to 800 for the normal Gogo girls and in the Area there are directly 3 different hour based hotels, where you can have one hour fun with the girl for around 350 THB

Your way to the Nana Plaza in Bangkok:

Location: At the corner Sukhumvit Road walk into Soi 4, than left

Metro Station nearby: Sukhumvit Station (10 minutes to walk)

Skytrain Station nearby: Nana Station (2 minutes to walk)

What you will find in Nana Plaza

Nana Bangkok Redlight Area
right side of Nana Plaza Bangkok

The Nana Plaza is a backyard area with more than 30 bars and clubs. You will find a lot of Gogo-Bars there (some ladyboy Gogos also). There are also some Girlie Bars in the entry Area and inside you also can enjoy a beer or a cocktail in one of the "no-girl-bars" there. This place is the best redlight area we found in Bangkok, if you want to select a pretty asian girl and want to enjoy privat time with her. Big selection, reasonable rates and a comfortable hotel solution nearby, because the Nana Complex also include 3 short time hotels, where you can book a room for you and the girl you take out. Because of the big selection and because of the popularity, you also can find the most pretty girls here. You can find detailed information about every bar in Club in this area here on our page. 

Rates in the Nana Plaza

There are different things you have to pay, if you enjoy your night out in Nana Plaza. There is no entry fee for any club, but you should calculate some spendings:

  • You have to buy at least one drink in every club you visit (beer between 120 THB and 200 THB). 
  • If you like to take out a girl, you have to pay a barfine of 400 to 800 THB, sometimes could be more for pretty coyote dancer girls.
  • Additional you have to pay a short- or longtime fee for the girl, which will be between 1500 THB to 4000 THB for short time and 4000 THB to 6000 THB for long time

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    x (Saturday, 11 April 2015 02:55)


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    joseph (Tuesday, 27 May 2014 07:19)

    when i visited last year to nana plaza, every bar was asking for an entry by some club card - is entry to all the bars restricted to membership?

  • #1

    Aly (Saturday, 17 May 2014 18:42)

    hey, help me out here, my wife wants a 3 some with me and a gogo girl, is this possible in bangkok?

Best Erotic Shows: 

Billboard (Nana 2nd Floor) 

Angelwitch (Nana 1th Floor)

Spanky's (Nana 1th Floor)

Best Topless Gogo Bars: 

Erotica (Nana)

Best Freelancer Pickup

Thermae (Near Nana)

Beer Garden (Near Nana)

Best Blowjob Bar

Som`s Heaven (Near Nana)

Approximate Table:

THB US $ Euro €
100 2,79 $ 2,50 €
150 4,18 $ 3,75 €
200 5,57 $ 4,99 €
300 8,36 $ 7,49 €
400 11,14 $ 9,99 €
500 13,93 $ 12,49 €
1000 27,85 $ 24,98 €
1500 41,78 $ 37,46 €
2000 55,71 $ 49,95 €
3000 83,56 $ 74,93 €

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